Sept. 28, 2022

Essential Tips and Tricks for Brand Advertisers in Podcasting

Essential Tips and Tricks for Brand Advertisers in Podcasting

What is brand advertising 2.0, and what does it have to do with podcast advertising?

“What an advertiser’s doing with podcasting, they’re really leaning into or capitalizing on the super intimate relationship the host has built with their audience.” Meredith Krantz Vice President, Digital Partnerships at Westwood One.


Not all brands utilize podcast advertising, but maybe all brands should. The lack of clear standardization across the podcasting space can make podcast advertising look like the wild wild west, but podcasts have uniqueness and authenticity that can’t be ignored. 


The podcast advertising space is growing fast, and Meredith Krantz from Westwood One is here to ensure we’re growing with it. We discuss:


Brand Advertising 2.0

Why you need to get out of your marketing comfort zone

The impacts of mixing up your creative content

What to do when you’re ready to scale your reach 

Why your brand should be utilizing podcast advertising


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Meredith KrantzProfile Photo

Meredith Krantz

Vice President, Digital Partnerships

Meredith Krantz is the Vice President of Digital Partnerships at Cumulus Podcast Network. She has been in media sales for over 20 years, with unique experience in audio/podcast, branded content, and events. She developed a passion for audio at TargetSpot, where she was one of the first digital sales representatives at the organization. During her tenure at Slate and Panoply, Meredith was at the forefront of the podcast movement. She now leads brand advertisers and a sales team utilizing podcasts to create impactful holistic programs.