Oct. 26, 2022

Lookalike Audiences and Building Campaigns with James Ingrassia

Lookalike Audiences and Building Campaigns with James Ingrassia

Are you doing everything you can to make a successful podcast advertising campaign? 

“Podcast buying, let’s say this tongue in cheek, but it’s hard. It’s not easy…The goal is that you’re getting those really engaged people who, you know, are listening to the host for that content, and they’re gonna convert.” James Ingrassia, EVP Client Services at Oxford Road. 

Creating and executing a podcast advertising campaign can get tricky. From identifying your target audience to finding shows that align with your brand messaging, there are a lot of things to consider. 

This is why I sat down with James Ingrassia to make sure you feel ready to tackle your next podcast advertising campaign. In this episode, we discuss:

Lookalike audiences and how they can influence your campaigns.

The similarities between old-school radio ads and newer podcast ads.

Why you should be implementing a “how’d you hear about us” survey. 

How podcast hosts as influencers impact ad campaigns. 

Podcast advertising and why it’s not as easy as you might think

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James Ingrassia

EVP Client Service

As EVP Client Services, James works with Oxford Road’s Account Directors as they serve as the primary points of contact for our clients. When he’s not strategizing with his team, James works with the leadership at each client to ensure they are 110% satisfied with Oxford Road’s services.