Feb. 15, 2023

Your 2023 Podfest Recap w/ Nick Gryniewicz

Your 2023 Podfest Recap w/ Nick Gryniewicz

“The thing that I heard [at Podfest] that was kind of interesting was a speaker that used the phrase, ‘‘spend time with your audience.’ 

Podcasting can be this kind of one-way street where you’re talking at the audience, and in many ways, the audience kind of talks back to you, but you don’t necessarily respond… If you invest your time in them, other people will see that, and you’ll build more of a community there.” 

Our very own VP, Nick Gryniewicz, is back again with Heather Osgood on today’s episode of The Podcast Advertising Playbook. Nick just recently attended Podfest 2023, and he’s excited to share everything he learned with our listeners. 

Heather and Nick discuss:


  • The two paths to audience growth: promo swaps & advertising.  
  • The importance of spending time with your audience. 
  • How integrated campaigns are the newest craze for advertisers. 
  • Tips for understanding who your audience is. 
  • How ChatGPT can help the podcast industry. 
  • Upcoming in-person podcast events. 


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Nick Gryniewicz

Vice President @ True Native Media

With 9 years of audio programming and production experience in radio and podcasting, Nick joined True Native Media in 2021. He is responsible for team development, strategy, and ensuring our podcasts and advertisers succeed.