True Native Media Agency, creator of The Podcast Advertising Playbook


True Native Media is a premier podcast representation and advertising agency. We have a high level of commitment to providing exceptional personalized service to each podcaster, brand, and advertiser we partner with. As a result, we are leaders in the podcast industry, paving the way for a mid-level podcaster to reach their dreams through podcast advertising. 


True Native Media is a matchmaking company working with podcasts to connect them with advertisers. We work with advertisers to create effective advertising campaigns that help them reach their goals. We are a company that believes in the power of content creation, and therefore, we encourage podcasters, as content creators, to find and nurture their unique voices.

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About the Host


Heather has owned, operated, and sold several highly successful businesses. With a background in radio advertising and love for podcasting, she founded True Native Media in January of 2016 with the hopes of helping everyone find a bigger piece of that advertising pie.

True Native Media works with over 200 advertisers and has placed over 50k ads in the last 5 years.