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True Native Media is a premier podcast representation and advertising agency. We have a high level of commitment to providing exceptional personalized service to each podcaster, brand, and advertiser we partner with. As a result, we are leaders in the podcast industry, paving the way for a mid-level podcaster to reach their dreams through podcast advertising. 


True Native Media is a matchmaking company working with podcasts to connect them with advertisers. We work with advertisers to create effective advertising campaigns that help them reach their goals. We are a company that believes in the power of content creation, and therefore, we encourage podcasters, as content creators, to find and nurture their unique voices.

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About the Host




Heather Osgood is the founder of True Native Media, a boutique podcast representation agency specializing in podcast advertising. With an extensive background in radio advertising and a love for podcasting, Heather was uniquely positioned to start an agency that could help advertisers get better results and assist podcasters in finding sponsors.

She is an influential voice in the podcast advertising space and has sold over 60K ads in six years. Heather is also the Podcast Moneymaker's creator, a course designed for podcasters who want the formula, tools, and tactics to get advertisers in 6 weeks.

Heather can be credited for contributing her expertise to major podcasting events like Podcast Movement, PodFest, and more. She is the host of The Podcast Advertising Playbook, a show dedicated to educating anyone interested in podcast advertising.

When Heather is not playing matchmaker to brands and podcasts, you will find her hiking and spending time with her family at the beach.