Over the last five years, audio has risen to challenge video in a way I never thought would happen. While everyone says, "Attention spans are getting shorter; make bite-size content," I have seen the long-form podcasting style thrive. But many brands are not paying attention to building a robust au…

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Podcast advertising lessons learned after 17 years, with Todd Cochrane.
"In late 2005, we were really off the bat doing advertising with various vendors. We put 500 shows on ad buys because there were no big shows. Everything was small at that point." - Todd Cochrane, Founder of Blubrry.

I feel l…

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Brands and Podcasters Legal Rights with Gordon Firemark. Podcasting can feel like the wild wild west where things are unregulated. But are they really? Find out from legal expert Gordon Firemark how brands and podcasters should protect themselves from lawsuits.

Recently, some very strange product…

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Have you ever wondered how marketers know if their podcast ads are working correctly? I am a huge proponent of data, and Jeff Vidler, Founder of Signal Hill Insights, is helping podcasts and advertisers measure their podcast advertising efforts with brand lift studies, surveys, and more.

“One thi…

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Companies are starting to realize that they can't hard-sell to their customers anymore. That is why influencer marketing and specifically podcast advertising is on the rise. More brands are trying to reach their audience in an authentic and intimate way.

Anna Ratala from talks to Heather…

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Here is what causes podcast ad campaigns to fail:

1. The creative
2. Certain products that shouldn't be advertising
3. Choosing the wrong podcasts to advertise with.

To listen to the full episode with Ray Harkins from iHeartRadio visit:

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To listen to the full episode with Heather Osgood about podcast advertising visit:

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To listen to the full episode with Heather Osgood about selling podcast ads and buying podcast ads visit:

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A snippet from my interview with Paul Riismandel from SXM Media about effective podcast ad lengths. Not all podcasts are created equal and get the same results. Paul shares his findings of the effectiveness of podcast ad lengths in this interview.

To listen to the full interview go here: https://…

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I feel lucky to have had Hannah Wanish, Senior Partnerships Manager at Organifi, join me to talk about how Organifi uses podcast advertising to grow its customer base.

If you are a brand interested in podcast advertising, then this interview is for you.

Hannah breaks down their strategy for:

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Follow the Money.. and in Podcasting, that means advertising! Join us for this in-depth conversation with True Native Media's Heather Osgood

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Hey! Welcome to our channel on YouTube. True Native Media is a podcast representation agency specializing in podcast advertising. So If you are an advertiser, podcaster, agency, or brand, and you are interested in learning how to do podcast advertising right, then stick with us!

If you enjoy True …

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Podcast advertising is working for many consumer goods, like Füm. Their product is really hard to advertise on traditional media due to a similarity to cigarettes, so they turned to podcast ads to help them quickly grow their fans and their sales.

Podcast advertising is their number one advertisi…

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It's almost the end of 2021, and I want to discuss what next year's podcasting pipeline will bring. So Invited Sam Sethi, podcast expert, and host of Podland News, to chat with me about his top trends and predictions for podcasting in 2022.

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Are you a confident interviewer? Do you want to improve your podcast so more people will listen?

Interviewing can be challenging, especially if you are new to it, or you have a high-profile guest, and you are nervous.

So I invited Skye Pillsbury, a true interview expert, to come and talk to us a…

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Martha Gallant, Growth Marketing Manager for Helix Sleep, talks to us about buying podcast ads. She shares her strategy for creating successful podcast ad campaigns, and why podcast advertising works for Helix Sleep.

She shares some insightful best practices that they implement with each campaign,…

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Do you have a podcast? Have you been struggling to find inspiration and maybe stopped focusing on your show as you should? It's time to improve your podcast with the 5 P's from Marion Abrams.

Join Marion Abrams, Podcasting and Video Expert, on the live stream this week. She will share her tactical…

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How do I buy podcast ads? It is not as simple as buying ads for other channels like Facebook. So, I am going to it break down so you can make informed choices that will suit your end goals.

I will cover:

1. The different types of podcast ads you can buy. YES, there is more than one kind.
2. The 5…

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With the outages on FB, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger yesterday, it is essential not to rely solely on these platforms to grow your podcast.

I will share five alternative ways to create an audience on your terms.

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Let's take a deep dive into the process of finding podcast sponsors and advertisers.

1. How to choose brands to partner with.
2. What to prepare for outreach.
3. What kind of emails to send.
4. How to find the right contact.
5. How to get a response.

Join me today at 10:30am PST/1:30pm ET today…

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Have you ever wanted to ask a brand directly about what they look for when choosing podcasts to sponsor?

Well, folks, it's your lucky day! I invited Adam McNeil, Public Relations Manager from Füm, to join me on the live stream to ask him about it.

Adam has been advertising on podcasts for a while…

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There are many ways to make money podcasting, and your hosting provider may be able to help you.

I invited Shannon Martin, Director of Communications and Corporate Podcast Specialist for Podbean, to talk to us about how hosting providers can influence how you make money with your podcast.

Make …

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Do you want to learn from a veteran podcaster who has recorded hundreds of host-read ads?

Erik Fisher, the host of Beyond The To-Do List, joins me on the live stream to share his experiences about making a sustainable income from his podcast and how you can do it too.

We will discuss:
1. How he …

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