Jan. 25, 2023

Do Podcasts Have a Privacy Issue? w/ Jordan Bentley

We’ve all heard the horror stories of smart homes listening to your conversations when they shouldn’t be or mentioning you need a product and immediately getting a targeted ad for it. As our society gets more reliant on techn...

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Jan. 18, 2023

Podcasts Can’t Survive Without Diversity w/ Tangia Al-awaji Estrada

“When we don’t have that level of diversity in our industry, it doesn’t bode well because you’re very quickly going to be irrelevant. As those younger people and those new minds come into things, if it doesn’t engage them, th...

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Jan. 11, 2023

An Audio Revolution w/ Jay Green

“One of the things that you and I had been talking about is this idea of creating a successful relationship from beginning to end… We want the content creator to be rewarded. We want the ad seller to be rewarded, …

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Dec. 21, 2022

A True Native Media Deep Dive w/ Nick Gryniewicz

“So, the way that I always love to think about it is for the independent podcaster, True Native Media really acts as a pseudo sales arm.” In over 100 episodes of The Podcast Advertising Playbook, Heather Osgood hasn’t spent a...

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Dec. 7, 2022

The World of Programmatic Ads w/ Rockie Thomas

“I have to remind people… Let’s just say audio or digital. Audio, in general - it’s a perishable media.” Once the opportunity to monetize on audio is gone, it’s GONE. That can sound pretty scary if you’re new to podcast …

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Nov. 23, 2022

You Can’t Have Back-to-Back Ads w/ Thomas Mancusi

“I’m a sales guy, but if I could sell things and see it affect someone else’s livelihood and go from, you know, doing what was a hobby to doing what they love is part of the love that I have …

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Nov. 9, 2022

Content Alignment and How It Impacts Advertising Results with Ame Fuh…

“My biggest encouragement is always keeping an open mind. Keep an open mind and keep very strict reporting. Both are equally important. And, with those paired, I think you can create a very easy roadmap for successful advert...

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Oct. 26, 2022

Lookalike Audiences and Building Campaigns with James Ingrassia

Are you doing everything you can to make a successful podcast advertising campaign? “Podcast buying, let’s say this tongue in cheek, but it’s hard. It’s not easy…The goal is that you’re getting those really engaged people who...

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Oct. 12, 2022

6 Podcast Advertising Trends To Watch 2022

In today’s milestone episode, we’ve reached episode 100 of the Podcast Advertising Playbook. “Of course, we are gonna continue to see growth in the industry, even with a softening economy. I do believe that podcasts are still...

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Sept. 28, 2022

Essential Tips and Tricks for Brand Advertisers in Podcasting

What is brand advertising 2.0, and what does it have to do with podcast advertising?

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Sept. 14, 2022

Dark Social Has Transformed The Buyer's Journey with Chris Walker

What is dark social, how does podcasting advertising fit into it, and why should marketers care?

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Sept. 7, 2022

2022 Podcast Movement Highlights and Exciting News

BONUS EPISODE: Every year I come back from Podcast Movement with fresh new ideas and full of excitement. I always love to share what I learned with you, so today is the day!

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Aug. 31, 2022

Why is Brand Safety A Hot Topic In Podcast Advertising?

Do you want to learn the difference between brand safety and brand suitability? Then stick around for this episode with Tarama Zubatiy from Barometer.

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Aug. 17, 2022

Here’s Why You Need A Brand Audio Strategy

"Not paying attention to audio is an absolute miss for your brand." Korri Kolesa, CRO for Veritonic.

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Aug. 3, 2022

What 17 Years of Podcast Advertising Taught Me With Todd Cochrane

"In late 2005, we were really off the bat doing advertising with a variety of vendors. We were putting 500 shows on ad buys because there were no big shows. Everything was small at that point." - Todd Cochrane, Founder …

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July 20, 2022

Brands and Podcasters Legal Rights with Gordon Firemark

Podcasting can feel like the wild wild west where things are unregulated. But are they really? Find out from legal expert Gordon Firemark how brands and podcasters should be protecting themselves from lawsuits.

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July 6, 2022

Are Your Podcast Ads Working? Jeff Vidler Talks Podcast Advertising R…

"If we compare podcasting to radio, as a digital medium, podcasting has a greater opportunity to be an accurate measurement of listening." Jeff Vidler, Founder of Signal Hill Insights.

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June 22, 2022

Small Podcasts Have A Shot At Podcast Advertising

"The nature of podcasting is so fragmented that it makes it difficult for brands to connect with podcasters." Dave Hanley, Chief Revenue Officer at Advertisecast.

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June 8, 2022

IAB Podcast Advertising Revenue Study Reaction (2021)

The IAB released their 2021 Podcast Advertising Revenue Study and I am here to give my reaction.

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May 26, 2022

Do Companies Need A Branded Podcast? Featuring Graham Brown

"I have to confess, it would be great to do a true crime or a history podcast, but I found my niche in corporate podcasts, and here's why." Graham Brown, Founder and CEO if Pikkal.

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May 11, 2022

Brand Suitability In Podcasting with Ad Results Media

"We listen for anything that might not be brand suitable for our clients. So if there's anything that's said, within the ad, or around the ad that doesn't fit with our client's vibe, that's something that we also look out …

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April 27, 2022

How RedCircle Connects Brands and Podcasters

"RedCircle is a podcast hosting platform that focuses on growth and monetization for indie podcasters in particular." Mike Kadin, Founder and CEO of RedCircle.

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April 13, 2022

We Want Transparency In Podcast Advertising with Marty Michael

"One of the things that we did so successfully that really sets us apart is that we standardized the unit that's being sold and allowed that to work across all the shows that are listed in the marketplace." Marty Michael, …

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March 30, 2022

How Brands Scale Their Podcast Influence with Todd Gallet

"You can move downstream to smaller shows for more inventory, and it also allows you to test more cost-effectively and then scale." - Todd Gallet, Head of Partnerships at Podcorn,

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