Jan. 11, 2023

An Audio Revolution w/ Jay Green

An Audio Revolution w/ Jay Green

“One of the things that you and I had been talking about is this idea of creating a successful relationship from beginning to end… We want the content creator to be rewarded. We want the ad seller to be rewarded, and we want the advertiser to be rewarded. It has to be a win across the board.”

In today’s episode of The Podcast Advertising Playbook, Heather is joined by Jay Green. Jay is the SVP, Podcast Strategy & Operations at Cadence13 and has great experience in the advertising space.

Heather and Jay discuss:

-   What to look out for when tracking your ad campaign.  

-   Audio vs. video, do you need both?

-   The difference between host-read ads and announcer-read ads.

-   How to successfully test your advertising campaign.

-   The role of programmatic ads.

-   2023 Predictions


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Jay Green

SVP Podcast Strategy and Operations