April 19, 2023

Get Excited About Your Ads

Get Excited About Your Ads

“It’s a privilege to get the attention of advertisers. Just as much as it's a privilege for advertisers to be able to work with certain publishers and podcast hosts.”

Podcast ads aren’t always easy to produce, and we can all tell when the host is phoning it in. This week’s guest is right; finding a show to advertise on and having ads on your show is a privilege - one that should be taken seriously by both parties. 

A.J. Feliciano, Head of The Roost Podcast Network, joins True Native Media CEO Heather Osgood on today’s episode of The Podcast Advertising Playbook. In this episode, they discuss: 

  • The value of personal endorsements in host read ads. 
  • Structured campaigns that are great for advertisers and the audience. 
  • Why you need to trust the host to give a good ad read. 
  • Are video podcasts actually podcasts? 
  • Ways to utilize a multiplatform distribution strategy. 
  • How YouTube will play a role in the future of podcasting. 


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A.J. FelicianoProfile Photo

A.J. Feliciano

Head of The Roost Podcast Network at Rooster Teeth

A.J. Feliciano is the Head of The Roost Podcast Network for Austin-based entertainment company Rooster Teeth (a division of Warner Bros Discovery). Prior to joining Rooster Teeth, Feliciano spent eight years earning his stripes at NBCUniversal as an unscripted development executive overseeing various hit series before later cutting his teeth in the gaming start-up world. Feliciano holds a dual concentration MBA in Marketing and Communications/Media Management from Fordham Gabelli School of Business and a BA in Journalism & Media Studies from Rutgers University. He served as the Vice President of NAMIC-Southern California (National Association for Multiculturalism in Communications. 2015-2017), an advisory board member for the Hollywood Diversity Association (2015-2017), and mentor for Colour Entertainment (2016).