Feb. 22, 2023

Approach Your Next Campaign w/ Confidence ft. Brittany Bernado

Approach Your Next Campaign w/ Confidence ft. Brittany Bernado

“The other thing is, if you’re utilizing host read ads and the host is game, please let them do their thing. The host knows how to speak to their audience, and they know what resonates.”

We are so excited to introduce our new Senior Director of Revenue and Sales Strategy, Brittany Bernado! Brittany joined the True Native Media team a few months ago, and she’s ready to share her wealth of knowledge with us here at The Podcast Advertising Playbook. 

Brittany and Heather discuss:

  • A successful three-prong strategy for advertising 
  • Why advertisers need to let the host do their thing
  • Podcast ads should be made for podcasts specifically 
  • Don’t be too specific with your audience targeting - many audiences listen to many different podcasts 
  • Things that made an ad effective 
  • Current challenges the industry is facing


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Brittany BernadoProfile Photo

Brittany Bernado

Senior Director of Podcast Revenue & Sales Strategy @ True Native Media

Brittany has a wealth of podcast knowledge having spent 4 years at HowStuffWorks and iHeartMedia/iHeartPodcasts and 12+ years in the advertising and media sales industry. She works as part of the leadership team at True Native Media developing sales strategies to maximize revenue in addition to building brand and agency partnerships.