Feb. 8, 2023

Constructing a Good Ad w/ Lindsay Graham

Constructing a Good Ad w/ Lindsay Graham

“No one is really special… You have the same problems as everyone else, and if you can connect with some sort of empathy to the problem that’s being solved by this [product], I think you will find an audience in the sponsorship.” 

We’ve all heard a podcast host start an ad read by saying, “I SWEAR I’d never promote a product I didn’t love and use every day.” 

As consumers, this transparency is part of the reason we love podcasts, but is the host being too selective? Could they ethically promote a product they don’t use but think could be beneficial to their audience? 

That’s just one of the questions Heather Osgood and her guest, Lindsay Graham, Airship CEO, tackle on the newest episode of The Podcast Advertising Playbook. 

Heather and Lindsay also discuss:

  • Host read ads vs. producer read ads.
  • A guide to constructing a good ad. 
  • How advertisers can set their hosts up for success. 
  • What makes up a bad ad. 


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Lindsay GrahamProfile Photo

Lindsay Graham

CEO at Airship

Lindsay Graham is the Webby Award-winning host and executive producer of the podcasts "American History Tellers," "American Scandal," "Business Movers" and "History Daily." He is a podcast producer, sound designer, composer and CEO of Airship, his production company. Lindsay seeks to expand human understanding and empathy through audio storytelling.