Nov. 9, 2022

Content Alignment and How It Impacts Advertising Results with Ame Fuhlbruck

Content Alignment and How It Impacts Advertising Results with Ame Fuhlbruck

“My biggest encouragement is always keeping an open mind. Keep an open mind and keep very strict reporting.  Both are equally important. And, with those paired, I think you can create a very easy roadmap for successful advertising within the podcast industry.”


One of the cornerstones of successful advertising is always testing new things, but who hasn’t been stuck in their comfort zone before? If you’re currently feeling a little stuck, you’re in the right spot.


In today’s episode, Heather Osgood is joined by True Native Media’s very own account executive, Ame Fuhlbruck.


In her almost two years at True Native Media, Ame has become an expert in analyzing successful podcast advertising campaigns. Ame and Heather discuss:


Content alignment and how to achieve it.

The difference between audience targeting and content targeting.

Identifying where your campaign is gaining traction.

Understanding the listening patterns of your audience.

How brand safety plays a role in content alignment.

Why you need to keep an open mind in advertising.


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Ame Fuhlbruck

Ame Fuhlbruck has worked in media publishing, marketing, and advertising for the past 9 years. With experience in print, digital, broadcast, and audio, she currently specializes in podcast monetization as an Advertising Executive at True Native Media.