March 8, 2023

Do You Have Too Many Podcast Ads? w/ Gabriel Soto

Do You Have Too Many Podcast Ads? w/ Gabriel Soto

“Yes, there’s a warning that podcast listeners want to get away from ads, and they’re starting to recognize ads on podcasts… [but] people still trust podcast advertisements more than they do radio or TV ads.” 

Podcast ads are special because the listeners trust to host like they trust their best friend. But is it possible to have too much of a good thing? 

That’s exactly what Gabriel Soto, Director of Research at Edison Research, aims to answer on today’s episode of The Podcast Advertising Playbook. 

In this episode, Heather and Gabriel discuss: 

  • How to decode your podcast data. 
  • The importance of listener surveys. 
  • Specific questions to ask in your next survey. 
  • Listener ad fatigue. 
  • Podcasts & accessibility 



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Gabriel SotoProfile Photo

Gabriel Soto

Director of Research @ Edison Research

Gabriel Soto, Senior Director of Research at Edison Research, is committed to supporting better marketing resources for podcast creators and advertisers through strategic investigation of the U.S. podcast audience. He has shared research findings on podcast listeners as a keynote speaker at conferences, such as Podcast Movement, and as a guest on podcasts, such as El Washington Post. Soto is the primary architect and co-presenter of the first comprehensive reports on the U.S. Latino, and Black podcast audiences called the Latino Podcast Listener Report and the Black Podcast Listener Report. He manages other national audio studies from Edison Research, including Share of Ear® and Edison Podcast Metrics, working closely with clients such as NPR, SXM Media, Spotify, and other key players in the audio space.