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Anna Ratala

Founder and CEO

I am a business leader and tech enthusiast, a bold entrepreneur not afraid of challenges but inspired by them.

I am currently building a venture-backed startup, Zvook is the first intelligent platform matching brands with podcasts for scaling host-read ads - in a few clicks.

At Zvook, we believe you are what you listen to. Our AI-driven platform gathers audio intelligence on podcasts and matches brands with a highly engaged target audience based on the content they listen to. Our vision is to be the leading player in audio intelligence and monetization.

As the co-founder and CEO, I'm responsible for driving the business and the vision for our startup. Zvook is a portfolio company of the startup generator and early-stage VC Antler.

Previously, as the Founder and Head of Slush Singapore, a leading tech startup event and a global movement, I channeled my passion for startups into helping the next generation of entrepreneurs forward. In 2018, for the third year in a row, Slush Singapore gathered nearly 3,000 international attendees to an event built from the ground up with 200 volunteers and 80 community partners.

Also a big lover of travel, sports and meeting new people. My mantra? Get up. Smile. Chase dreams. Repeat.

March 16, 2022

Podcast Advertising Needs To Be Easier To Buy and Scale

"Podcasting is an exploding market and audio storytellers are the next wave of influencers, but the ads are too hard to buy." - Anna Ratala, CEO & Co-Founder of

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