Steve Pratt


I am fascinated by what grabs people’s attention, what keeps people’s attention, and what makes people share stories with their friends at the watercooler… or on social media.

I love experimenting with novel ways of telling stories, reaching and engaging people, and creating sizeable audiences. That passion led me to a rich and varied career in the media.

Nothing has been more exciting than my current work at Pacific Content. We are specializing in a totally new form of programming: the branded entertainment podcast. We produce the Slack Variety Pack with the amazing team at Slack - you can check it out at or

I spent ten years working in television for major media brands including CTV, MuchMusic, YTV, and Citytv, producing everything from journalism to comedy, from kids programming to lifestyle shows.

Then… I discovered the internet. I moved to AOL, where I got a crash course in digital culture, digital content, and digital audiences. The result was a content strategy that delivered traffic over 200% above company projections.

CBC offered me a phenomenal opportunity – running an innovation lab to integrate traditional broadcast radio and digital web culture. CBC Radio 3 became an award-winning music service. Our team increased traffic by over 1000%, launched one of the world’s first legal music podcasts, and was called “perhaps the world’s best radio station” by influential American web magazine,

The success and learnings from CBC Radio 3 led to an even bigger project – the launch of one of Canada’s biggest and most successful digital music services, CBC Music. It reached over 1.1 million unique users and served over 5.5 million page views a month in 2013.

May 12, 2021

Expert Advice About Creating Effective Branded Podcasts

When companies like Slack, Charles Schwab, Adobe, and Facebook come to you to create branded podcasts, you know you are doing it …

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