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Tangia Al-awaji Estrada

Co-Founder BIPOC Podcast Creators & Tangia Renee Consulting

A former campaign director and community organizer turned public relations pro. Tangia is the founder and Principle Consultant of Tangia Renee Consulting and Co-Founder of BIPOC Podcast Creators. Tangia is a storyteller, business builder, and PR and content strategist. She works with podcasts, entrepreneurs, and companies at the intersection of content strategy and media amplification to launch and grow the next media sensation. Featured in publications such as USA Today, Bustle, Inside Podcasting, and more, she is also the creator of the USA Today recognized podcast, That's What She Did, a show that amplifies the voices of brilliant women of women.

Jan. 18, 2023

Podcasts Can’t Survive Without Diversity w/ Tangia Al-awaji Estrada

“When we don’t have that level of diversity in our industry, it doesn’t bode well because you’re very quickly going to be irrelevant. As those younger people and those new minds come into things, if it doesn’t engage them, th...

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