May 24, 2023

NPR Style Ads

NPR Style Ads

“I think we kind of owe it to ourselves as publishers to remember what made podcast ads so effective in the first place - they actually sounded authentic.”

NPR is one of America’s largest media companies - so they must be doing something right!

In today’s episode, Heather Osgood is joined by Brett Robinson, Senior Vice President of Ad Operations at NPR. During their conversation, they discuss: 

  • Ways the podcast industry has changed over the years. 
  • How ads are run at a non-profit. 
  • The importance of building trust between a brand and listeners. 
  • Why you might be missing out if you’re not using contextual targeting.
  • Challenges facing programmatic ads. 
  • What a lead ad is and why you should be running them. 


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