June 22, 2022

Small Podcasts Have A Shot At Podcast Advertising

Small Podcasts Have A Shot At Podcast Advertising

"The nature of podcasting is so fragmented that it makes it difficult for brands to connect with podcasters." Dave Hanley, Chief Revenue Officer at Advertisecast.

With limited inventory and only the top 1% of podcasts getting the advertising dollars, what happens to the rest of the smaller shows? How do they get a piece of the advertising pie? 

Dave Hanley, Chief Revenue Officer for Advertisecast joins me on the podcast to talk about how they are working to open opportunities for independent podcasts with fewer download numbers to get in front of advertisers. 


With their recent acquisition of PodGo, shows as small as 200 downloads per episode can have a shot at advertiser deals. This is also a boon for first-time advertisers testing podcasting. It allows them to spread their dollars across a larger sum of shows to test out genres, demographics, topics, offers, and creative. Fine-tuning their campaigns to graduate to larger, pricier shows. 


Dave and I also discuss why continual education about podcast advertising is critical to its success and how we are both working towards better guiding brands to find deeper results. 


You can connect with Dave via email: dave@advertisecast.com or visit the website: https://www.advertisecast.com/

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