Dec. 7, 2022

The World of Programmatic Ads w/ Rockie Thomas

The World of Programmatic Ads w/ Rockie Thomas

“I have to remind people… Let’s just say audio or digital. Audio, in general - it’s a perishable media.” 

Once the opportunity to monetize on audio is gone, it’s GONE. 

That can sound pretty scary if you’re new to podcast advertising, but the CRO of SoundStack, Rockie Thomas, believes programmatic ads can capitalize on optimization in real time. In our newest episode of The Podcast Advertising Playbook, Heather Osgood and Rockie Thomas discuss: 

  • Programmatic ads & the different ways to work with them
  • The power of personal endorsements 
  • Dynamically inserting ads vs. embedding ads
  • Certain safeguards you’ll find with programmatic ads 
  • Ad choices Rockie advises against
  • Ways to educate people in the podcasting space

If you’re looking for a place to start with programmatic ads, you’ve found it.  


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Rockie ThomasProfile Photo

Rockie Thomas

SoundStack Chief Revenue Officer

Rockie Thomas simulcast her first FM radio station online in 1998 and discovered her love for digital audio technology. For over 20 years, Thomas has worked not only with traditional broadcast companies, including AMFM, Emmis, and Tribune but has helped pioneer the digital audio space. Working at companies such as Sonicbox, Spacial Audio, and Bid4Spots, Thomas has helped make digital audio a viable medium and business.

Thomas was one of the first employees at AdsWizz, serving as their VP, Business Development. While at AdsWizz, she evangelized audio advertising to buyers and helped publishers monetize their digital assets through AdsWizz audio ad insertion technology, a global ad exchange, and programmatic platforms. Rockie co-founded the IAB Podcast groups, where she co-chaired the technical committees, co-authoring the industry’s first and second release of the podcast ad metric guidelines.

In 2018, Thomas joined Media Creek (now SoundStack) as Chief Revenue Officer to continue her passion for reinventing digital audio and helping clients succeed.