April 13, 2022

We Want Transparency In Podcast Advertising with Marty Michael

We Want Transparency In Podcast Advertising with Marty Michael

"One of the things that we did so successfully that really sets us apart is that we standardized the unit that's being sold and allowed that to work across all the shows that are listed in the marketplace." Marty Michael, CEO and Co-Founder at Headgum & Gumball.fm.

The podcast industry struggles with transparency when it comes to pricing, results, and measurements. There are several reasons why this is the case. So I invited Marty Michael, CEO, and Co-Founder of Gumball (a podcast advertising marketplace), to the show to chat about how his software is trying to break the transparency barrier in podcast advertising.


We discuss why brands won't share their results and pricing rates and why this makes it challenging for standardization across the podcast industry. We also talk about why it is so challenging to place ads and how innovation is happening to reduce the friction of ad buying in podcasting.


To learn more about Gumball, visit the website: https://gumball.fm/

Connect with Marty on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/martymichael/


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Marty Michael

Co-Founder and CEO

Marty Michael is the co-founder and CEO of Headgum and Gumball. As CEO, Marty is dedicated to building a product that helps podcasters and advertisers effortlessly connect to drive revenue and results. Before co-founding Headgum, Marty worked in digital sales at CollegeHumor. Marty holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Lehigh University, where he was a Division I Track and Field/Cross Country athlete. Marty enjoys playing basketball, eating delicious food, and listening to funny podcasts in his spare time.