April 12, 2023

Getting Thoughtful With Ad Formats

Getting Thoughtful With Ad Formats

“What makes podcast advertising unique is the ability to establish intimate relationships that are real, and, you know, aren’t digital.” 

We’ve all heard the joke - if you’re a podcast host, you get a mattress! And who knows more about mattress podcast ads than Ashleigh Colón, Offline Media Manager at Eight Sleep?

We think she’s the expert, which is why she’s joining Heather Osgood on today’s episode of The Podcast Advertising Playbook. While mattress ads are a category of their own, Ashleigh also offers her expertise on:

  • How audience size plays a role in advertising. 
  • The importance of testing different ad strategies. 
  • Why you need to be giving your hosts talking points. 
  • Understanding your advertising budget. 


Stay tuned to the end of the episode, where Ashleigh and Heather offer their advice for anything starting out in podcast advertising. 


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Ashleigh Colón

Offline Media Manager at Eight Sleep