June 10, 2020

Do Podcast Advertising Right By Understanding The Different Types Of …

Pre-recorded ads have a place in the podcast ad space, but it's repeatedly proven that host read ads are far more effective. Today, I share the value of the host read ad and why you should not give them up. …

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June 3, 2020

Common Challenges About Podcast Ad Tracking We Will Clarify To Get Yo…

Advertisers want quality results from their podcast advertising campaigns. In today's episode, I talk about the best way to track ad results. I discuss the reality of tracking in the podcast space, the types of monitoring used, and options for...

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May 28, 2020

Transform From Amateur To Professional Podcast Guest That Gets Repeat…

It's not so easy to be a podcast guest anymore. Hosts are becoming far more particular with whom they invite on their show because they are building a robust and engaged audience. In this episode of The Podcast Advertising Playbook, …

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May 21, 2020

Podcast Pricing: The easiest way to make it work for you with dynamic…

In this episode of The Podcast Advertising Playbook, Heather shares what the best approach to podcast pricing is, how to get the most from dynamic ad insertion or embedded ads; and why you may pay more for a niche demographic.

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Feb. 2, 2020

Everything You Need To Know To Create Podcast Ad Campaigns That Conve…

Podcast Advertising has its own set of rules that can feel overwhelming, even to a seasoned advertiser. Pair that with independent podcasters, who don't have tons of experience with ad reads, the whole undertaking can become messy! In this...

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Jan. 13, 2020

Host-Read Dynamic Insertion Ads Versus Embedded Ads

In this episode, Host Heather Osgood breaks down the difference between host-read dynamic insertions ads and embedded ads. She discusses how the industry is evolving and why dynamic insertion is on the rise.

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Sept. 30, 2019

Is Podcast Advertising Influencer Marketing?

Advertisers are looking to diversify their ad spend in today's competitive market. Julie Zischke, Head of Offline Acquisition at Grove Collaborative, shares how she focuses on bridging the gap between traditional influencer marketing and podcast...

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Sept. 9, 2019

The Art of Successful Podcast Advertising

Learning from the best in the business is one of the most effective ways to succeed. Immerse yourself in today's episode with Dave Newmark, CEO, and CO-Founder of Podsearch, as he shares his superior knowledge on podcast sponsorship.

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Aug. 26, 2019

Small Business and Podcast Advertising - Should you be doing it?

Small business owners who want to advertise with podcasts, need to be creative with their budget. Yev Pusin, Director of Marketing for Backblaze, is the driving force behind the companies' exciting podcast advertising journey. He provides insight on...

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